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With input power of 780W, the PPF could up to 2184umol/s,and 100W UV/IR bar optional.

Compact DUO

Two types of spectrum tunable built in this fixture, which enable you to switch the suitable spectrum for different stages of plants.

PowerSpot one

Delivers more crop-loving light in a broader spectrum at up to 20% energy savings than 1000W HPS fixtures.

PowerSpot two

True 1:1 replacement for HPS fixtures. Highly durable aluminum body. OSRAM and SAMSUNG components

Master Controller

Improving user’s experience with the smart and easy operation

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We do not underestimate the development.

We cooperate with Mendel University – Faculty of Agriculture. Together we develop, modify, adjust and test luminaires. And we immediately compare in tests with the competition. Only then can we be sure that our path is right. In direct comparison, we achieve better taste, more fruit and a faster harvest.