PowerSpot ONE

Direct replacement for 1000W HPS
Model Hortify PowerSpot ONE
Rated Wattage 780W
AC input voltage 120-277V, 200-480V ; 50/60 Hz
Light Source SEOUL SMD3535
Spectrum Full Spectrum
PPF efficacy 2.5 μmol/J
Light output PPF 1950 μmol/J
Power factor ≥0.97
Light distribution 120°
Thermal management Passive
Ambient temp. 0-55° C
Dimming Option 0-10V dimming (50% - 100%)
Coverage 4ft x 6ft
AC main cord 8'’, NEMA5-15P or 6-15P plug
IP rating IP66, Suitable for day & damp locations
Warranty 5 years warranty
Life time Q90: >54000 hrs
Weight 16.5kg
This light covers an area of 4×6 ft and it uses external smart controller, which allows you to recreate sunrise, sunset and changing day lengths to create the ideal lighting levels.

Broad spectrum designed

Broad spectrum designed to deliver the deep blues, hot reds and balanced greens plants need for full-term growth. Delivers more crop-loving light in a broader spectrum at up to 20% energy savings than 1000W HPS fixtures.

PowerSpot ONE makes your plants love growing

The reasons why you’ll choose us as your horticultural lighting partner.

True 1:1 replacement for HPS

Each product is engineered for optimiztion. From functionality to efficient energy consumption, our horticulture led grow light is built for a better grow experience.

Astonishing level of uniformity

We Specialize in LED technologies for decades as they deliver the highest intensity while providing industry leading CRI and Optimized spectrum output from near UV to far red.

More crop-loving spectrum

Adjust each lighting with precision on our various control modules. Growers can automate the application of specific spectrum, intensity, and duration using the control app.

External smart controller

Aikogrow’s sustainable horticultrual lighting brings the sunlight indoors and we provide the high efficient spectrums as unique as your plants.

Designed for high performance

Aikogrow optimized horticultural lighting applications by building type (layout), plant DLI, spectral requirements and control demands.

IP66 rated

For the convenience of commercial growers and hobbyists, Aikogrow always keeps inventory in North America so that you can buy local or international.

1:1 HPS replacement

PowerSpot LED grow light is a new and direct replacement for 1000W HPS grow lighting. It’s designed to deliver the performance growers expect from an HPS, and it fits seamlessly in existing HPS setups for installation that takes days, not months. its wide optics create a nearly identical light pattern to HPS fixtures, and the light intensity stays the same from edge to edge on plants.